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Three Adventurous Places to Elope in Virginia

Bride and groom pose for wedding elopement portraits at Hawksbill Summit in Shenandoah National Park
Elope in Shenandoah National Park

The start of your biggest adventure…

Here are a few of my most favorite Virginia elopement photography places, but my adventurous spirit is always ready to travel. So, I’m ready to pack a bag and hit the road to wherever your love story takes you; I’ll be there, camera in hand, ready to capture it all.

Virginia Beach Elopement Photographer

Is there a better way to say "I do" than on the pristine Virginia Beach sand with the ocean as the backdrop? I can't think of a better setting to tie the knot. I love Virginia Beach elopement photography because there is something so freeing about seeing the sprawling beach and majestic ocean. It’s like your spirit instantly feels more alive. You can't beat the incredible scenery, and I’m blessed to be able to capture it through photos.

If you’re tying the knot with your toes in the sand, you’ll need a passionate Virginia Beach elopement photographer - that’s me! Whether you want to run wildly on the beach, jump into the ocean, dance on the sand, or have beautiful and intimate portraits at sunset, I’ll be right by your side, photographing the best day of your life as you become one and take in your biggest adventure yet. Are ya ready!?

Let's chat!

Bride and groom pose for wedding elopement portraits at Raven's Roost in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
Elope at Raven's Roost in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge Elopement Photography

I adore the great outdoors, especially the Blue Ridge mountains, and I would be honored to capture your Blue Ridge elopement photography on film.

If you are searching for a free-spirited, fun-loving photographer with a romantic boho vibe to photograph your mountain wedding or elopement, you have come to the right place. At Jessica Erin Photos, I live to capture the magic between two wild Lovers. I’m passionate about travel, but most of all, I love elopement photography Blue Ridge Mountains.

If you’re planning an adventure elopement in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Shoot me a message! I have many ideas for creating beautifully unique Blue Ridge mountain wedding photos that tell a story.

Bride and groom pose for wedding elopement portraits at Raven's Roost in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
Wildly in love? Elope at Raven's Roost in Virginia

Shenandoah Adventure Elopement Photographer

In today’s modern times, an elopement isn’t always secretly running off to get married -

it’s choosing to drop the stress of planning a wedding and instead have an adventure experience that fills you both with joy. And if that takes you to the Shenandoah Valley - I’m ready for it!

Shenandoah adventure elopement photography provides us with an awe-inspiring, forever-changing, and majestic backdrop. With so much more to offer than just mountain or valley views, the Shenandoah Valley is the ideal spot for an adventurous elopement.

Bride and groom pose for wedding elopement portraits at Hawksbill Summit in Shenandoah National Park
Hike to Hawksbill Summit for a dreamy sunset elopement

The light, the colors, the unique terrain, and of course, an epic adventure create one heck of an unforgettable wedding experience.

If you're looking for a Shenandoah Adventure Elopement Photographer that prefers taking images in natural light and capturing real, spontaneous moments rather than stiffly staged, forced ones, I'm your girl.

I adore using my art to express true stories; I always shoot the real thing. All the warm, cozy feelings, tears, laughter, and adventure ignited my soul! If this resonates with you, let’s create magic.

Let's plan an adventure!

As your Northern Virginia wedding photographer, I capture and preserve it all forever in time so that your wedding memories are not just happy but real, authentic, and tangible. Just like the undying love that brought you here.

I work by telling your engagement, wedding, or elopement story organically. If you’re into genuine, raw, and unedited moments, then we’ll be a great match for your Shenandoah adventure elopement photographer, your Blue ridge elopement photography, or your Virginia beach elopement photographer.

Take a peek at my wedding portfolio and if you think, hey, I like this gal, let’s connect!

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