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Engagement Photo Locations

The backdrop for your engagement photos is not just a setting; it's a canvas that helps you tell your unique love story. In this article, I'll walk you through the art of choosing the perfect engagement photo location. I'll cover factors to consider, creative ideas, and practical tips to ensure that the backdrop for your photos reflects your personalities.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Engagement Photo Location

​1. Sentimental Value 2. Scenic Beauty 3. Distance 4. Permits & Regulations 5. Private vs. Public 6. Weather & Time of Day 7. Lighting 8. Accessibility 9. Outfits 10. Props and Décor 11. Engagement Photographer

Sentimental Value

Consider the emotional connection you and your partner have with the location. A place that holds personal significance can make your engagement photos more meaningful. A familiar local spot or the place where you and your partner met can be the perfect location for engagement photos.

Scenic Beauty

Now, what I said before doesn’t apply if your #meetcute was bumping into each other while taking out the trash. There should be some consideration given to how the location looks. After all, you’ll likely be using these photos for your wedding website and invitations.

Choose a location that offers scenic beauty, whether it's a natural setting like a park, beach, or forest, or a picturesque urban location with iconic landmarks or architecture. The background should be visually appealing and reflect your personal style.

a couple stand on the mountains in colorado


If you enjoy traveling together, consider a destination that you both dream of visiting. Proposing during a vacation can create lasting memories. However, if you want family and friends in attendance, consider a centralized place where everyone can meet.

Permits & Regulations

Some engagement photo locations may require permits for professional photography. Check whether you need to obtain permission or pay any fees in advance, and make sure you're aware of any rules or restrictions. This is doubly so if you want to have your engagement photos in a cultural or historical site.

Private vs. Public Engagement Photo Locations

Think about whether you prefer a private or public engagement. Some people like the idea of a grand, public proposal, while others prefer an intimate, private moment. You’ll also need to consider the popularity of the location and potential for crowds. If you want a private shoot, try to schedule your session during less busy times. Early mornings or weekdays may be less crowded than weekends.


Different seasons can offer unique photo opportunities. For example, spring blooms, autumn foliage, or a snowy winter scene. Plan your shoot accordingly and have a backup plan in case of inclement weather.

A man kisses a woman's forehead on the beach.


Lighting is crucial for photography. Consider the time of day and how the natural light will affect your photos. The "golden hours" during sunrise and sunset often provide soft, warm, and flattering light for photography. However, these moments are fleeting so your shoot will need to be done quickly.


Ensure that the location is accessible to you and your photographer. Think about parking, walking distances, and any physical challenges, especially if you're considering a natural setting like a remote beach or a trail.


Plan your outfits to complement the location. Bright, bold colors may work well in urban settings, while softer, earthy tones can be great for natural environments. Make sure your outfits coordinate with each other and the location.

Props & Décor

If you want to incorporate props or decor, make sure they are suitable for the location and won't negatively impact the environment or interfere with any rules and regulations.

Engagement Photographer

Choose a skilled engagement photographer who can provide creative input to make your photos unique and memorable. Who you choose as your photographer is just as important as the location. Share any ideas you have for your engagement photos with your photographer. They can help you choose the best angles, poses, and compositions to make the most of the location.

The most important aspect of a proposal is the sincerity and thoughtfulness behind it. The location itself is just a backdrop to the commitment you are making to each other. Choose a location that resonates with your shared history and future together to make the moment meaningful to both of you.

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